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Saturday 10 August 2013
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exhibition review: ‘sydney moderns’

Grace Carroll
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  Between the First and Second World Wars Sydney developed into the modern metropolis it is today.  Nothing epitomised this transformation quite like the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the massive steel structure that took a decade to construct and, upon its opening in 1932, promised a vibrant and progressive future for Australia’s most populous city. But…
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Friday 6 July 2012
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where are the women in art history?

lip magazine

Let’s all brainstorm some great artists. Go on, humour me. Leonardo da Vinci Goya Botticelli Van Gogh Monet Picasso The kind of picture that emerges here mightn’t go astray to fellow lip readers. And you’re not alone. In the mid 1980s, the Guerrilla Girls were formed after noting the quite blatant gender imbalances in the…
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