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Tuesday 18 February 2014

violence against women: australasia’s cultural problem

Ally Van Schilt

A study published in medical journal, The Lancet earlier last week has revealed that incidents of sexual violence against women, specifically involving perpetrators who are not partners, is more than double the global average in Australia and New Zealand. The numbers read that 16.4 per cent of women 15 years or older in Australia and…
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Thursday 25 April 2013
Featured Opinion

the spoils of war: ANZAC day, war and the military rape of women

lip magazine

On ANZAC day, it seems pertinent to point out that this is a tradition that exemplifies the masculine aspect of Australian culture and history.  In high school, my sociology and psychology teacher enacted a social thought experiment, asking us to draw a picture of our conceptualisation of “A Quintessential Australian”. In a class of thirty…
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