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Sunday 11 September 2011

live music review: ian axel, bowery ballroom, 6 september 2011

Christine Campbell
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Every once in a while, you hear a piece of pop music that really excites you. I am not talking about the kind of typical pop music that circulates on the radio and into your head until it becomes maddening (the compositional similarity between “Super Bass” and “Teenage Dream” comes to mind). I am talking…
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Wednesday 1 December 2010
Culture Music Opinion

gotta have that funk, ow

Christine Campbell

Funk. Most people don’t take the genre seriously. Even America’s most envelope-pushing family favorite television show Glee only explored funk once it had an established audience. And I get that, funk music is kind of dated. Maybe I’m forming this opinion from the pictures I’ve seen, but all I can imagine when I think of…
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