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Saturday 2 November 2013

memoir: my hero, the girl next door

Tasha Llewellyn
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At eight years old, my idol was the girl who lived next door. Her name was Sam. She was twelve and she had red hair that she always tied up in a ponytail and tucked underneath a baseball cap. She had TWO horses, so she was instantly my favourite person. She let me ride one…
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Tuesday 10 September 2013
Culture Featured Life

Ages 30 And Up: 5 Things I’m Still Not Ready For After The Big 3-0

Melissa Ann Sweat

(Image via Flickr) So I just turned thirty and my mom sent me, among other girlish gifts, a small bottle of bubbles—to subtly remind me, I’m sure, just how far I am from being young enough to enjoy them. They’re not the kind you’d use in some lavish and womanly bath, but the kind you’d…
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Monday 4 March 2013
Culture Featured Opinion

riding in trains with girls: turning 18, growing up too soon, and the advice I didn’t give

Zoya Patel

While seated on an overcrowded Melbourne train a few days ago, I had the pleasure of listening in to a conversation between two teenage girls. Both in their final year of high school, wearing the classic checked-dress public school uniform, they were discussing what they thought life after school would be like. ‘I can’t wait…
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Tuesday 10 July 2012
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growing pains – what should you be doing when you’re 25?

lip magazine

A few months ago at work a lovely new girl started, and at 19 she’s all rainbows and lollipops about life. We started talking about life and love and when she found out how old I was she exclaimed ‘What?! I don’t believe you! Why aren’t you married with kids yet?!’ I laughed, but then…
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Sunday 27 May 2012
Culture Opinion

abortion: where do you stand?

Christine Campbell
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Abortion. The word alone inspires a reaction – good, bad, whatever – but despite gender or age, social, moral or political beliefs, you’d be lying to yourself if you thought you didn’t have an opinion on the topic. I know that seems like a blanket statement, but I used to think I was one of…
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Wednesday 3 August 2011

when i grow up

Kaylia Payne
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The other day a friend asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. It was said somewhat tongue in cheek, as we both do think of ourselves, however wrong we may be, as grown up already. But neither of us has embarked on a career as yet. And to be honest, neither…
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