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Saturday 29 August 2015
Featured Feminism Health

strong like a girl: lift weights, feel great

Annabelle Regan
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Enter into any co-ed gym and you will find the weight training section dominated by guys. They’re big, sweaty and can be very intimidating. It can be daunting walking through there, let alone picking up some weights. So, because of this, you still often find that women believe the treadmill is their place in the…
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Thursday 27 August 2015

muscled out: I quit my gym to avoid unwanted male attention

Isabelle Bryant
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It is a wintry August evening and I have my window open to let in the crisp city air. I am chilled to the bone, but my room smells the way car tyres do after a burnout and I hate it. It smells this way because I have my own home gym. When I think…
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Wednesday 15 August 2012

‘we’re not spring chickens anymore, you know’ – the importance of fitness.

Zoya J. Patel

The other day, I was grabbing coffee with a friend when talk turned to fitness. My friend has recently joined a gym and was chatting about some of the facilities. I piped up that I had let my gym membership lapse after I moved cities, because I didn’t know where would be most convenient for…
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