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Monday 16 March 2015
Arts Theatre

theatre review: handle it

lip magazine
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To have revealing photos uploaded onto social media without consent is a fear of many women and a nightmarish reality for more than you would imagine. This is the premise for Handle It, a one-woman play  that showed at The Street Theatre from March 13-16.  Kelsey, a ‘naïve’ first year university student wakes up after a big…
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Friday 20 February 2015
Arts Feminism Theatre

laura jackson’s ‘handle it’ explores slut shaming, sexism and social media

Jess Oliver
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There’s a new one woman show in town and it’s just jumped to the top of my ‘must see’ list! Handle It, written, produced and performed by the very talented Laura Jackson, tackles the dirty side of the internet in what promises to be a compelling and witty exploration of sexism, social media and male-female…
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