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Wednesday 31 October 2012
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HSC: the not-so-final frontier

lip magazine
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My 17 year-old sister, Aisyah, called Monday the 15th of October D-Day. Why? It marked her first HSC exam. English, to be precise. She happens to be one of those lucky students who had a protracted HSC over two years. Imagine being in HSC labour for that long. I felt burnt out on her behalf….
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Tuesday 10 July 2012

pressure over more than passing

Emma Koehn
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If you’ve finished your high school education, one thing you probably wouldn’t have asked for more of in retrospect is court room drama. No matter how you go about it, there’s no real beating around the bush to be done on this one: year twelve is a rather monstrous experience. This is maybe why we’re…
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