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Sunday 26 August 2012

healthy bytes: antibiotics

Ruby Mahoney
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Chances are you’ll be prescribed antibiotics at some point in your life. For an ear infection as a child; for acne as a teen; for tonsillitis or bronchitis (or any other kind of –itis) during one of these dreary winters. You probably know people who swear they’ll never take antibiotics, and others who start popping…
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Friday 27 July 2012

but, you don’t look sick! the stigma behind invisible illness

lip magazine

Imagine being told you looked too beautiful to be in pain. Unless you’re in a wheelchair or spluttering into a tissue, people don’t often tend to recognise any other type of pain. This can become frustrating for anyone who suffers from disorders like chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, anaemia, perthe’s disease, diabetes, depression and so on….
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Sunday 6 May 2012

lip lit: riikka pulkkinen, true

Freya Dumas

True by Finnish author Riikka Pulkkinen is a tender and heartbreaking examination of secrets families keep from each other, and how even if we try to file it away, the past always informs our present. The novel centres around a family who gather when the matriarch, Elsa, is dying of cancer and wishes to live out…
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Sunday 22 April 2012

lip lit: margaret overton, good in a crisis

Freya Tomren
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Ever since my young sister spent three months in hospital due to complications following brain-surgery, I’ve been fascinated with books about illness and grief, particularly when it comes to memoir.  It’s not that I’m a morbid person. It’s more that since I’m writing about the subject myself, I like to see how others approach it. …
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