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Thursday 9 June 2016
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side by side: vote #1 – women’s sport

Danielle Croci
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    The federal election is now less than a month away, and in the past week or two, the issue of women’s participation in sport has managed to make its way onto the mainstream agenda. It appears that the two major parties are vying to demonstrate who is better committed to women’s sport. With…
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Friday 23 August 2013
Featured Opinion

election 2013: who are you voting for? week 3

lip magazine
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In the lead-up to the election, Lip has invited its writers and readers to share their voting intentions. Lip will publish these perspectives over the coming weeks. We are interested in hearing from those who feel that their perspective hasn’t been represented, those who don’t care about politics at all, and the die-hard political aficionados….
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Friday 26 July 2013
Featured Politics

refugees to suffer for the sake of votes

Toby Newton
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  With his announcement of Labor’s new refugee policy, PM Kevin Rudd has ensured that instead of doing away with ‘old politics’, his party continues to insist on fighting the coalition on its own turf. For the last decade, at least, the ALP has allowed the Liberal-Nationals to dominate the political discourse, dictate the agenda,…
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Friday 28 June 2013
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why ousting julia gillard was a mistake

Daniel Florrimell
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Three years ago, I was glued to the TV, night before an exam, watching the end of one Prime Ministership and the beginning of another. The uneasiness in my stomach turned into a sinkhole as I watched Rudd’s tearjerker farewell speech the next morning. I did not, and still do not, believe Gillard was part…
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Friday 14 June 2013
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Alright PM – let’s talk about abortion

Lauren Ingram
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On Tuesday, Julia Gillard launched ‘Women for Gillard’, a campaign aimed at reminding women of Labor’s – and the Coalition’s – record on women’s issues. It was partly inspired by a similar campaign that Obama ran in 2012. The Prime Minister raised a number of issues where she said she wouldn’t want to see women going…
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