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Tuesday 16 September 2014
Featured Opinion

see you next tuesday: the etymology of the c-word

Alexia Brehas
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Try to think of the most vulgar word you possibly can. The most torrid and awful swear word that your mother and friends would chastise you for using. The majority of you would probably think of the “c-word”. Indeed, scholar Germaine Greer commented, ‘it is one of the few remaining words in the English language…
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Tuesday 22 April 2014
Featured Feminism

Feminism isn’t the only word up for debate

Shannon Clarke
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The short-lived meme, ‘Is this feminist?’ was perfect for two reasons: 1) it proved the feminists can have a sense of humour about themselves, despite what a vocal minority might think and 2) like Community’s Britta Perry, it managed to parody of third-wave, feminism without relying on lazy and misogynist stereotypes. That is, the academic,…
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Thursday 8 August 2013
Opinion Politics

words of wisdom? volume one: boat people

Toby Newton
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The federal election campaign is now officially under way, which means we’ve been plunged headlong into the black hole of empty slogans, tired clichés, insidious euphemisms, half truths, and complete lies. But, hey, at least we’re all in it together. There’s nothing like an impending election to lower the tone of political language and to…
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Tuesday 15 May 2012

is it okay: to use the words feminine and masculine?

Elizabeth Flux

It is a truth universally acknowledged that grammar trolls are extremely popular people. Picking on someone’s spelling and punctuation rather than their arguments and ideas is clearly taking the high road, and being nitpicky is definitely something that shouldn’t be associated with pince-nez and monkeys grooming each other for fleas. Or maybe I’ve got that…
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