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Friday 28 August 2015
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why you should wear it purple today

Clara Borg
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On their website, Wear It Purple’s argument is stated plainly and simply: to see ‘young people everywhere [knowing] that they have the right to be proud of who they are’. Celebrated in August each year, their call-out is also simply stated: ‘Wear purple [today] if you agree!’ Of course, the convictions and aspirations of initiatives…
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Thursday 13 August 2015
Film Opinion

why is elle fanning playing the lead in about ray?

Cin Peeler
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Trigger warning for the trailer below: misgendering, transphobic low-level violence Next month About Ray will be released in the US, adding to the stories being told about trans folks right now – the key word being about and not by trans folks. About Ray looks like it will not only be a great film, but…
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Friday 10 July 2015
Opinion Politics Sexuality

debate or degradation? when high-brow bigotry hijacks the marriage equality discussion

Meg Rawson
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What a disgusting week of political dribble on marriage equality. Just when you believe nothing more offensive or ridiculous could be done, the people responsible for carrying out governance aim another notch lower to seal the deal that they are woefully out of touch and out-dated. Once again, government ministers flouted all common sense and…
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