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Thursday 22 May 2014
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what a winker: tony abbott strikes again

Josephine Mandarano

Ahhh, Tony Abbott, so you’ve done it again, huh? During an interview on ABC Radio Wednesday morning, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of this dinky-di land of ours, was busted on camera winking and grinning after a caller to the radio show – who wanted to discuss…
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Wednesday 21 May 2014

thousands turn out to protest against the federal budget

Angelique Lu
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Thousands of people turned out in major cities across Australia on Sunday in protest against the Liberal Party’s budget. (Click below to hear audio report.) They protested in response to what has been criticised as an attack on low income earners, among other things. Proposals in the budget included the introduction of a $7 ‘co-payment’…
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Sunday 26 February 2012
Featured Opinion

open letter to the liberal party: six reasons I will never support tony abbott

Dunja Kay

Dear Liberal Party of Australia, Wow! What a hectic few days! I imagine you’re feeling as I did in high school, when my friends would find themselves in melodramatic and deliciously juicy situations, and I would relish in the drama because I wasn’t at all involved myself. Such fun! But really, Kevin Rudd’s decision to…
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