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Wednesday 25 June 2014
Featured Feminism Sport

tackling sexism with sexism: collective shout and the lingerie football league

Maggie Gibson

  Being the feminist that I am, I’m all for calling out and challenging sexism. However, you can’t tackle sexism with sexism. In a patronising twist of events this is exactly what Collective Shout, an anti-sexism activist organisation, has tried to do. Legends Football League (LFL), commonly known as Lingerie Football League, came to Australia…
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Sunday 13 January 2013
Featured News

in brief: lingerie football league will now be sans lingerie

Broede Carmody
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The Lingerie Football League has announced a major re-branding process so as to gain recognition as a serious sport. Changes will include a switch from lingerie to performance-wear uniforms in order to increase protection for players. New logos will remove ‘any sexy female figures’ and the tagline will change from ‘True Fantasy Football’ to ‘Women…
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