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Monday 27 June 2016
Arts Featured Feminism

women in magic: a saw point of the industry

Eden Gillespie
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Hollywood blockbuster, Now You See Me 2, features a boisterous and strong female illusionist by the name of Lula, a well-established magician standing proud amongst her male cohorts. The coin has flipped and this time the woman in the film is not the sexy assistant donning a sparkly leotard and feathers. Instead she is the…
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Monday 22 June 2015
Culture Featured Life

the white witch of dandenong

Theertha Muralidhar

A seventh generation White Witch, Sarah Kulkens uses timeless rituals and spells to help people. This eccentric religion which was once thought of as evil and satanic proves to be quite opposite to its stereotypes. Unfortunately, Sarah is still being bombarded with hate mail for practising witchcraft. Hailing from a long line of witches since…
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