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Thursday 17 April 2014
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lip lit: the visionist

Emily Tatti
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Shakerism is a religion on its way to extinction. Its three surviving members occupy a crumbling old house in rural New England, where they are surrounded by historical settlements, tourist museums and libraries devoted to their faith. At its peak in the 1800s, six thousand Shakers lived in this region. They were led there by…
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Thursday 4 April 2013
News World

in brief: one of world’s last surviving matrilineal societies “disempowers” its men

Lou Heinrich

My Mum used to tell stories at bedtime, and one of my favourites was Upside Down World. Visitors to this realm would sip donuts through straws and slide backwards up slippery dips; the laws of our universe were reversed. In The Age this week, Amrit Dhillon explores a society that sounds like a real Upside…
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