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Thursday 18 August 2016
Arts Comedy Theatre

pink flappy bits: review

Emily Holding

Cabaret’s roots date back to the 1880s when bohemian poets, artists and composers would gather in French saloons to share creative ideas. It developed into a style of alcohol-infused risqué musical performance, notoriously characterised by improvisation, audience interactivity and small, intimate venues. In 2016, performers Tara Dowler and Louise Mapleston infuse cabaret, musical comedy and…
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Saturday 3 October 2015
Arts Theatre

the unholy body of ignatius grail: melbourne fringe festival review

Jessie Adams
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A part of Melbourne Fringe Festival program, Madeleine Ryan’s The Unholy Body of Ignatius Grail is an ambiguous, thought provoking piece of theatre that describes a woman’s quest to find her true self. The studio space is filled with large, colourful abstractions which gleam in the low light. Are these voids, or portals? Three women…
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Friday 2 October 2015
Arts Comedy Theatre

hersteria: melbourne fringe festival review

Clara Borg
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From the first moment I entered the building, I knew that I was in for a memorable night. The entire venue—including the foyer—was luridly and gloriously adorned. Amongst the decor were several blow-up flamingos, lots of plastic cupcakes and miscellaneous neon-coloured props scattered everywhere. In the middle of the performance space sat a small tub…
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Thursday 19 September 2013
Art Arts Culture Featured Feminism Music Theatre

interview: maeve marsden, lady sings it better

Marissa Paine
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Kicking off its run at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later this month, Lady Sings it Better is blackcat productions’ pièce de résistance. The performance sees a troupe of 4 women ‘take on the western world’s most famous male musicians and reinvent them as hilarious, high energy cabaret‘. Ginuwine’s Pony, AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night…
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Saturday 1 September 2012
Arts featured

Boon-esque – 50 Shades of Cabaret and an interview with Ginger Leah Rye

lip magazine
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Boon-esque – 50 Shades of Cabaret Reinventing the romance novel with a dash of burlesque and barbershop Boon-esque – 50 Shades of Cabaret, part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival is a burlesque and barbershop performance that aims to take the juiciest bits from Mills & Boon romance novels, while referencing 50 Shades of Grey, to…
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