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Thursday 12 May 2016
Featured Feminism

straight, white men fed up with being discriminated against

Sidney Shaw

  MELBOURNE—A cluster of straight white men dragged themselves away from their computer screens on Wednesday night to attend the inaugural ‘Straight White Men Who Are Fed Up With Being Discriminated Against’ rally. It was an event eagerly awaited by tens of thousands of vexed straight white men throughout the Internet. A hot-tempered yet enthusiastic…
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Friday 5 February 2016
Featured Feminism Opinion

waleed aly and the daryush valizadeh saga: why i won’t ‘click something else’

Jill Thomsen
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As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, pro-rape Men’s Rights Activist group Return of Kings have decided to hold face-to-face meetings across Australia. ‘Tribal Meetings’ (Yes, that’s what they call them) are planned in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Their international leader Daryush Valizadeh (AKA Roosh V) has also decided to come specifically to Canberra…
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Tuesday 25 August 2015
Feminism Sexuality

the discourse of entitlement in the pickup artist community

Eden Faithfull
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The seduction community, also known as the pick-up artist or PUA community, is a movement of men whose goal is seduction and sexual success with – or access to – women. Members of the community often call themselves pickup artists (PUA). It doesn’t take very much to realise that this kind of “artistry” is not…
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