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Friday 24 May 2013

the lip crew on monogamy

lip magazine
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monogamy noun 1. the practice or condition of having only one spouse at a time. 2. the practice of remaining faithful to a single sexual partner. 3. Zoology the habit of having only one mate. 4. the practice of marrying only once during life. [French monogamie] (The Macquarie Dictionary Online © Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Pty Ltd.) Over to you,…
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Friday 11 March 2011
Culture Featured Opinion

love out loud: the (my) bottom line

Dunja Kay
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I can’t imagine it comes as much of a surprise that I am an avid fan of Sex and the City. But contrary to popular opinion (mostly amongst those who try to cut me down by telling me I’m a Carrie-Bradshaw-try hard and the like), this column isn’t an effort to emulate the work of…
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