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Thursday 12 May 2016
Featured Feminism

straight, white men fed up with being discriminated against

Sidney Shaw

  MELBOURNE—A cluster of straight white men dragged themselves away from their computer screens on Wednesday night to attend the inaugural ‘Straight White Men Who Are Fed Up With Being Discriminated Against’ rally. It was an event eagerly awaited by tens of thousands of vexed straight white men throughout the Internet. A hot-tempered yet enthusiastic…
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Thursday 10 July 2014
Featured Feminism

masculinism and the ‘f’ word: a terrifying tale in modern discourse

Brianna Doolan

That’s right people, masculinism is a thing. When faced with this term, several questions spring to the feminist mind; is masculinism the countermovement to feminism? Is it pure misogyny? Or, is it simply a glorious celebration of what it is to be a man? In an article written in 2012 by Melissa Blais & Frances…
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Wednesday 15 May 2013
Culture Opinion

the anti-feminist conspiracy

Jamie Freestone

A Voice for Men (AVFM) is the most web-prominent set of men’s rights activists (MRAs) around. Browsing their website, one encounters a lot of statistics, factoids and other bits of evidence, all of which are deployed to make the case that feminism is an evil ideology, one that exerts an overwhelming influence in daily life…
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