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Sunday 10 November 2013

ms marvel becomes muslim teen super hero

Kezia Lubanszky
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Marvel, the US comic book giant behind Spiderman, The Hulk and Captain America, are bringing back 1960s heroine, Ms Marvel. But rather than the tall, blonde air force officer, her new persona will be a 16-year-old Muslim girl from New Jersey. Ms Marvel’s new alter ego, Kamala Khan, is a high school student living with…
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Tuesday 13 August 2013
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should muslim women have to remove their burqas to be identified by police?

Zoya J. Patel

A new law has been introduced into Western Australia’s state parliament that would require Muslim women to remove their burqas or niqabs to prove their identity, if required. It would also apply to hats, scarves and other headwear or clothing that obstructs the ability to identify an individual. The law was drafted in response to…
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Thursday 15 March 2012
Featured Opinion

global feminism

Erin Stewart
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  The potentiality for feminism to be a global movement sometimes can be a bit of an elephant in the room for Western feminists. It is clear that the rights of women are fundamentally and consistently in question throughout the world. In many nations, women lack the right to a public life on their own terms….
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Sunday 4 December 2011
Culture Featured

feminist news round-up 4.12.11

Josephine Mandarano
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Afghan rape victim marriage pressure An Afghan woman who was raped and subsequently jailed for adultery has been pardoned for her ‘crime’ but upon her release, may be pressured into marrying her rapist. The woman, Gulnaz, who gave birth to a daughter in prison, apparently agreed to the marriage in a bid for freedom, despite…
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