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Wednesday 7 September 2016
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this is a love letter: why nsw should spend more to combat dv

Aisling Philippa
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This is a love letter to domestic violence victims. To the sisters, the mothers, the aunts, the grandmothers. The sophisticated ladies, the spitfire working class woman, the timid girl. The women who are victims of violence within their own homes. You, who have traversed the hallowed roads of hell. This is for you. This is…
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Tuesday 5 May 2015
Featured Politics

going home, staying home: nsw homelessness reforms letting down domestic violence survivors

Ruth Scott
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Last year the New South Wales government introduced the Going Home, Staying Home reforms in an effort to reduce the growing rate of homelessness. Statistics show that around one third of all clients seeking help from specialist homelessness services in 2012-13 were experiencing domestic violence, and domestic violence is the biggest cause of homelessness for…
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