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Tuesday 13 May 2014
News World

the fear of educated girls: nigerian school girls kidnapped

Emilie Bertsch
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April 14. I was probably studying on April 14. I was probably complaining about the amount of study I was doing on April 14, taking for granted my privileged education that has made me a better analyser, empathiser, and questioner. Almost 300 girls between 14 and 18 were sitting their exams on April 13 in…
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Wednesday 17 July 2013

memoir: sexual epiphany

Ucheoma Onwutuebe

I was nine and in my fifth year in elementary school when one day, out of curiosity, I pulled out my mother’s Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English and looked up the word ‘sex’. I wish I had spared myself that knowledge for suddenly, my little world took on a harsher hue. The second meaning of the…
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Sunday 7 July 2013

in brief: students shot, burnt alive, in nigeria

Amy Nicholls-Diver
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  Suspected Islamist gunmen have killed at least 27 students and a teacher in a boarding school in the Mamudo village in the northeast of Nigeria. Survivors are being treated for burns and gunshot wounds. Some of the school’s 1200 students fled into the nearby bush to escape the gunmen. Information is scarce at this…
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