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Friday 7 February 2014
Feminism Opinion

the best and worst of the 2014 super bowl advertising

Ruby Grant
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Here in Kangaroo-Land, we don’t really have the Super Bowl. So, for those of you not aware: it’s basically just America’s AFL Grand Final, but a lot bigger and more American (read: Gigantic, hugely commercialised, hopefully/probably involves hotdogs with mustard, chilli cheese fries, peanuts and whatever). The thing about the Super Bowl is not only…
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Friday 29 March 2013
Culture News

In Brief : new app helps call out sexist advertising via Twitter

Zoya Patel
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No one will be surprised to hear that sexism is alive and well in advertising, particularly for popular or mainstream products. We published an article this week about employees being sacked from an Indian advertising firm for producing deeply sexist posters for a Ford car ad; a recent ad for a Playstation console featured a…
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