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Thursday 1 October 2015
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what if the clothes you wore could change the life of a girl in sierra leone?

Aranya Phookan
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Hawa is a vivacious, young girl with big dreams of becoming a lawyer. Her home is Sierra Leone, a small country still on the mend after being torn asunder by a decade-long civil war. Known for its abundance of minerals and diamonds, it is ironic that life in Sierra Leone is far from glittering. A…
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Thursday 19 September 2013
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One Girl, and why all women need access to education

Tedi Bills
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I grew up in a tiny Far North Coast town called Alstonville, nestled back from the beach in the dark, lush greenness of macadamia country. When I was a teenager, I didn’t want country living. I wanted to be like the cool girls in school, and learn how to surf, and get my belly button…
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