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Tuesday 18 June 2013
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DIY pap tests: ladies, would you try this at home?

Josephine Mandarano
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The doctor drew the curtains, asked me to remove my pants and underwear and position myself, legs apart, on the exam table. It was my first pap smear, I was 18, and I did as he asked. (But I refused to remove my sunglasses. Smear chic, y’all.) ‘There’s no need to be nervous’, he said….
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Wednesday 1 May 2013
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white shirt day: why do eligible australian women forgo regular pap tests?

Freya Dumas

If you see plenty of women wearing white shirts today, it’s because it’s White Shirt Day. White Shirt Day was launched by OCRF in 2011 (with help from Witchery, and madison editor Lizzie Renkert), in order for all Australians to show their support for women suffering from ovarian cancer. And why? One woman dies of…
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