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Monday 25 March 2013

in brief: south korea has most plastic surgery procedures in the world

Angelique Lu
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Much has been said about recent findings that South Korea now has the world’s highest rate of plastic surgery procedures per capita in the world.Attracting attention on the internet are eye and nose cosmetic surgeries, implants as well as bone shaving jaw lines. Double eye-lid surgery – in particular – is one which stands out in…
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Thursday 13 September 2012
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barbie personified: going under the knife to attain perfection

lip magazine
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A woman once said to me, ‘Fake boobs look better than fake hair’ and I was stunned for a moment, wondering how, in any situation, the irreplaceability and permanence of breast implants could ever be more appealing than hair extensions that can easily be removed at the end of each day. Breast augmentation, tummy tucks,…
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