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Saturday 25 November 2017
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review: a prudent man

Eliza Graves-Browne
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The stark divergence between the left and the right is growing, with party leaders continually pushing boundaries further to the edges. This extremist divide causes unjust and inhumane policies, such as the recent Manus Island standoff. As someone with left-winged ideologies, it is bewildering to see why and how politicians make the personal choice to…
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Saturday 20 February 2016
Arts Theatre

the punter’s siren: review

Bridget Conway
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Blancmange Productions has done it again with their 2016 season opener The Punter’s Siren, on now until March 5th at The World Bar in Sydney. The play is short, sweet, and to the point, and is accompanied by nothing more than simplistic staging, talented performances, and some of the most refreshing and wittiest play writing…
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Friday 17 October 2014
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cathy petocz debuts new play ‘where i end and you begin’

lip magazine
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Writer, actor, musician and general creative extraordinaire, Cathy Petocz, is set to wow Canberra audiences from tomorrow until October 26 with the world first debut of her new play, Where I End and You Begin, showing at The Street Theatre. Directed by Caroline Stacey, the production follows two private detectives in very different universes: Polly…
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Thursday 12 December 2013
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theatre: and then there were 3

Milly Cooper
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  In a phone interview last week with writer, director and performer Michelle Higgs about her new play ‘And Then There Were 3’, I was filled in on the in-and-outs and up-and-downs of playwriting and parenting. Debuting at the Street Theatre, Canberra from December 4-8, ‘And Then There Were 3’ is a play centred on…
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Wednesday 18 September 2013
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theatre review: brief encounter

Rose Pullen
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  Kneehigh’s Brief Encounter is Noël Coward on Noël Coward on Noël Coward. The production combines the texts of his 1945 film Brief Encounter with the 1936 play Still Life on which it was based, interspersed throughout with songs by Coward. First performed by the Cornish company in 2008, Brief Encounter has played in the…
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