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Saturday 3 August 2013

memoir: snowboarding as therapy

Helen Taylor

  things I learned in a Whistler winter I was twenty-three when I moved to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. I moved on little more than a whim and a vague sense of the urgency to change what had become dangerously apathetic circumstances. My younger brothers had both spent time in that part of the…
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Saturday 20 April 2013
Culture Featured Life

The Body Luv Project – it’s time to love yourself!

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ATTENTION all males and females who are short, tall, fat, thin, in between size, frizzy haired, no haired, hairy legs, pimpled, wrinkled, wrinkle-free, cellulicious, bodacious, scrumptious and all or none of the above. You are beautiful, and that is all. Fuelled by an empathetic concern for the widespread negative light many people see themselves in,…
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