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Monday 26 June 2017

tanya avanus on being a woman in the punk scene

Samantha Armatys
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The Pinheads are an eccentric outfit hailing from the underground – a fusion of punk and psychedelia that capture a DIY ethos that is a throwback to another era – an analogue sensibility that is apparent from their songwriting to their music videos.  One of seven members of the act, Tanya Avanus aka ‘Tun the…
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Friday 19 August 2016
Column Sexuality Sport

side by side: why lgbtiq inclusion is important

Danielle Croci
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‘Ladies and gentlemen, and those who are yet to make up their minds…’ Would you be surprised if I told you that this was a pre-game announcement at the football? Last weekend, the inaugural Pride Game took place between St Kilda and the Sydney Swans, a game that aimed to celebrate diversity, as well as…
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Thursday 9 June 2016
Arts Featured

a chat with amy middleton, editor of Archer Magazine

Dani Leever
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‘This is going to be the huskiest interview there ever was,’ Amy laughs. ‘Just a couple of frogs talking to each other.’ We bond over how croaky our voices both are. Admittedly, listening back to the audio of our interview, I just wanted to suck on a Soother. She orders a soy mocha in a…
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Thursday 17 March 2016
Feminism Opinion Sexuality

on mardi gras and the PM

Eden Faithfull

In a move that undoubtedly had the Prime Minister proudly patting himself on the back, Malcolm Turnbull stepped out amongst the Mardi Gras revellers to celebrate a night of pride and equality, with his legally recognised spouse by his side. Turnbull made headlines and risked backbench backlash with his attendance, becoming the first Australian Prime…
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Saturday 30 January 2016

film review: carol

Jade Bate

It’s difficult to think of a recent film more exquisite and more perfect than Carol. It may seem too soon to call the film a masterpiece, but I can confidently say that it is truly up there with some of the greatest movies of recent times. More importantly, it takes its place alongside Brokeback Mountain…
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Friday 28 August 2015
Featured Get Involved Sexuality

why you should wear it purple today

Clara Borg
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On their website, Wear It Purple’s argument is stated plainly and simply: to see ‘young people everywhere [knowing] that they have the right to be proud of who they are’. Celebrated in August each year, their call-out is also simply stated: ‘Wear purple [today] if you agree!’ Of course, the convictions and aspirations of initiatives…
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Friday 10 July 2015
Opinion Politics Sexuality

debate or degradation? when high-brow bigotry hijacks the marriage equality discussion

Meg Rawson
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What a disgusting week of political dribble on marriage equality. Just when you believe nothing more offensive or ridiculous could be done, the people responsible for carrying out governance aim another notch lower to seal the deal that they are woefully out of touch and out-dated. Once again, government ministers flouted all common sense and…
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Friday 10 July 2015
Column Featured Sexuality

back to ba(sex): msm and consent

Sarah Iuliano
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With LGBT Pride Month just passed in the United States, there have been some fantastic achievements acknowledging the rights of LGBT+* people in the Western world. The US Supreme Court decision finding marriage equality is a constitutional right has prompted increasing discussion of the matter in Australia. However, Aussie writers, including those at Lip, have highlighted an…
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Thursday 9 July 2015
Featured Politics Sexuality

not the end goal: marriage equality on long list of infringed LGBTQIA rights

Ruth Scott
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Now that same sex marriage has been deemed legal on a constitutional level for all 50 states in America, eyes have turned to the Australian government’s continued refusal to recognise the right of same sex couples to marry. Fighting for marriage equality by the LGBTQIA community has been an ongoing effort here for a number…
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Saturday 27 June 2015
News Politics Sexuality World

in brief: us supreme court finds marriage equality is constitutional right

Sarah Iuliano
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The United States Supreme Court has made a landmark decision to find same sex marriage is a constitutional right for all American citizens. The finding from the 5-4 vote in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges covers all 50 American states and the territory of Puerto Rico. The decision effectively overturns laws in the nation’s…
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Sunday 17 May 2015
Featured Sexuality Sport

fighting homophobia in sporting culture

Clara Borg
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Today Yarra Glen Football and Netball Club will host the second annual Pride Cup – an event that recognises and celebrates the diversity and inclusion of members of the LGBTIQ* community in sport. The match is also marked by International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), an annual initiative seeking to educate people on the…
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Thursday 27 February 2014
Film Opinion

film review: blue is the warmest colour

Emma Robinson

I am so conflicted about this film. Blue is the Warmest Colour tells the coming of age story of a young woman, Adele, and how she fell for her first big love, Emma. It explores themes of love, desire, heartbreak and many other intense emotions that go along with being young and falling head over…
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Wednesday 19 February 2014
Culture Featured Feminism Life Sexuality

queer perspectives : pin-up dreams come true

Alisa P.
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In my previous article ‘The Power of Pin-up’ I wrote of how pin-up girls have inspired me since I was a teenager and my dream of one day becoming a pin-up. That dream came to fruition late last year. While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I noticed an advert for a pin-up photo-shoot hosted by…
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Tuesday 18 February 2014

lip lit: for today I am a boy

Amy Nicholls-Diver
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Kim Fu’s debut novel, For Today I am a Boy, is an elegant and often heart-wrenching story of an individual’s struggle for identity and belonging. The protagonist is Peter, a long-awaited son, born into a first-generation Chinese family in Ontario. He is given the middle-name Juan Chaun – ‘Powerful King’ – a moniker that reveals…
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