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Wednesday 20 November 2013
News World

in brief: Germany to introduce quota for women in boardrooms

Kezia Lubanszky
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Following Norway’s footsteps from 2003, Germany is now set to introduce a quota for numbers of women in boardrooms. The country’s major political forces, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the social democrats, have made a compromise over the frauenquote, or women’s quota. As of 2016, companies registered on the German stock exchange will be required…
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Tuesday 22 October 2013
Featured News

does australia need quotas to get women on boards?

Heidi La Paglia
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Does Australia need tougher legislation to improve the representation of women on boards around the country? Europe has been debating such laws, and evidence clearly supports similar efforts here at home. The European Parliament has recently supported a legislation which would require companies to have at least 40% of their board to be made up…
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Thursday 3 October 2013

daily feminist news: 03.10.13

Ruby Grant
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Best: First female AFL club president. Richmond Football Club has appointed Peggy O’Neal as the first female president of an AFL club. On her appointment, O’Neal stated that ‘to be the first woman elected to this role, in the history of the competition, is deeply humbling, and I think it says much about the Richmond…
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