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Tuesday 19 November 2013
Arts TV

tv review: the bachelor

Caitlin Gordon-King
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‘Tim Robards ticks all the boxes: good looks, charm, a successful career… and an active lifestyle. What’s missing? The woman of his dreams.’ Reality TV show The Bachelor tracks Tim as he finds a woman he “can fall in love with” who will eventually become his “life partner”. Luckily for Tim, Channel Ten has done…
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Tuesday 21 February 2012

culture valkyrie: how low-brow can you go? please marry my boy

Sarah Greenwood

Deviating slightly from the male wish fulfilment trope of other reality dating shows like Farmer Wants Someone to Do the Dishes, Channel Seven’s new smash hit (not really) is all about girl power (but not really). But sort of! This one’s about the matriarchy, with domineering Mums who manipulate their awkward offsprings’ sex lives. It’s…
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