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Wednesday 29 October 2014
Featured TV

once more, with feeling: on TV’s working women

Shannon Clarke
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It’s become something of a cliché to say that television has never been better. Whether that’s just the natural progression of production and arts or a sudden spell of great stories and storytelling (or both) is subjective. I’d argue that what everyone is reacting to are the incremental steps toward diversity, to the voices of…
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Tuesday 24 December 2013
Culture Film

2013 and gender inequality in film

Claire Gaynor

While list articles are one of the best things about wrapping up the end of the year, Lip prefers to look back at 2013 in a typically feminist way: representational analysis. Over the last few weeks, our writers have looked at how women have been portrayed in the media, and then the Australian media’s attitude towards…
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Monday 16 December 2013
Culture Featured Opinion

how has the australian media portrayed women in 2013?

Danielle Scoins
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After the viral success of the Miss Representation project’s video on how the international media represented women in 2013, Lip has decided to apply the same analysis to Australian media. Perhaps unsurprisingly the international trend of gender discrimination is also apparent in Australia, with mixed coverage being provided by the media on key issues. Women…
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Saturday 7 December 2013
Culture Featured

miss representation: how have women been portrayed in the media in 2013?

Danielle Scoins

  As 2013 draws to a close, activist organisation The Representation Project, looks back on the year that was in terms of the representation of women in the media. Whilst their focus was on American media, their message of gender discrimination is global. 2013 Media – The Positives In their video ‘How the Media Failed…
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Friday 8 November 2013
Film News World

Sweden introduces classification system for equal gender representation in films

Ally Van Schilt

Cinemas in Sweden are introducing a classification system similar to age of audience test to determine gender representation and equality in films. If a movie passes the Bechdel Test, it would get an A grade; similar to if the film had no violence, nudity or coarse language it would get a G rating. The Bechdel…
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