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Thursday 16 January 2014
Health News

in brief: womb transplants give hope to women unable to conceive

Kezia Lubanszky
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Nine women in  Sweden have received womb transplants from relatives as part of a new trial. Leading the experiment is Dr Mats Brannstrom from the University of Gothenburg. He hopes the new technique will help other women who are unable to conceive. If successful, the transplant would benefit up to 15,000 women in the UK. Ten…
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Sunday 22 September 2013
Featured News

zoe’s law: what will this mean for australian women?

Danielle Scoins
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The New South Wales Parliament is currently debating a Bill which, if passed, would alter the way the criminal law considers a foetus. The Bill (commonly referred to as ‘Zoe’s Law’) is named after the stillborn daughter of Ms Brodie Donegan, who suffered injuries as a result of a car accident in 2009, which resulted…
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Sunday 4 March 2012
Culture Featured

Feminist News Round-up 04.03.12

Erin Stewart
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Even More Defence Force Sexism The Australian Defence Force has seemed to appear in this column more weeks than not. Yet another disappointing example of the sexism rife in the Defence Force was brought to light this week. In this case, the ABC has been given access to a private facebook group of over 1000 former and serving members…
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