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Tuesday 10 December 2013

human rights day: sexual and reproductive health is a basic human right

Matylda Buczko
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Today is Human Rights Day, a UN-recognised day that aims to focus global attention on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the ‘common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations’. The declaration outlines the rights that every person should be afforded and uphold. Rights like freedom from slavery and oppression, from cruelty…
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Monday 27 May 2013
Get Involved World

women in development: empowering women to empower themselves

Matylda Buczko
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Women Deliver, one of the largest and most important international conferences on women’s health around the world, happens on May 27 to 30 in Malaysia. Bringing together the world’s most influential policy makers, academics, youth, media, health workers and advocates, the conference focuses on empowering girls and women through greater access to maternal, sexual and…
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Tuesday 16 April 2013
Health News Opinion Politics

abortion debates from australia’s deep south: tasmania’s battle over reproductive rights

lip magazine

Like countless other young women, the “war on women” during the 2012 American presidential election campaign was a shock to my system. It can seem so easy to take our rights for granted in a time and culture where post-feminist discourses tell us that we can “have it all”; where Beyonce’s power-femininity dominates the all-American-male…
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