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Friday 27 January 2012
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q&a and giveaway: roxy jacenko

Freya Dumas
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I recently reviewed Public Relations dynamo Roxy Jacenko’s debut novel Strictly Confidential. Large parts of Strictly Confidential are inspired by Jacenko’s own career, particularly when her protagonist sets up her own PR firm with barely any funds. She speaks to us below about PR, writing, and what’s coming next.

Sunday 8 January 2012

lip lit: roxy jacenko, strictly confidential (+ giveaway!)

Freya Tomren
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If you live in Sydney, chances are you know who Roxy Jacenko is. I’ve heard whispers of Jacenko through friends who work in PR. There’s the story about the graduate who was rejected for a job, and her only post-interview feedback was that she was “too nice”. Or the story about how Jacenko allegedly banned…
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