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Tuesday 14 July 2015

q&a with laura lydall

Bridget Conway
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White Ribbon, the Australian charity that raises awareness for domestic violence will soon be benefitting from donations from the sale of a new 3G Safety Watch which provides a range of features that can help shift workers and women who are out late at night. The watch has built-in geo fencing, has an on-call feature…
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Monday 8 July 2013
Culture Health Life

Study reveals there’s more to your lipstick than you might know

Lexie Bean
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I am not usually one for fear tactics: for telling people what to wear, where they should feel safe, what health means for every body. However, a recent article on the dangers of commercialized beauty by injury attorneys based in the United States caught my attention. Over the past year, researchers have worked with a…
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Friday 4 May 2012

urban (in)security: freedom to walk

lip magazine
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In Elizabeth Gaskell’s famous novel, North and South, Margaret Hale provokes outrage when she takes to the streets of industrialising Manchester. Her perambulations through the poor areas of the city to deliver food to a struggling family receive the condemnation of her male relatives and acquaintances, each absolute in their opinion of the extreme risk…
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