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Wednesday 29 June 2011
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empowerment by default

Serrin Prior

I recently attended the first meeting of the South Australian Feminist Collective, formed after Adelaide’s ‘Slutwalk’ took place. Just under twenty-five people attended, with four of this number being men (and I say this in the strictly biological sense of the word, as one of the men identified as gender-neutral). Being the first gathering of…
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Thursday 23 June 2011
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why i didn’t attend slutwalk

Dunja Kay

According to the facebook event page, around 385 men and women marched down King William Street on the afternoon of June 11. And even though I invited people to Slutwalk, and encouraged my friends to go, and argued with strangers on the event page, I was not with them. The simple answer as to why…
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Friday 3 June 2011
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thoughts on the brisbane slutwalk

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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I attended the Brisbane Slutwalk on the 28th of May. I attended in support and solidarity of my peers, male and female. The turn out at the Brisbane event was very large. Over 2000 people rsvped on Facebook, and although I don’t believe that many people came, the crowd was huge. We walked the streets,…
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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Brisbane SlutWalk

Sonya Krzywoszyja

Slut. Just the word, written on the page like that, with no ‘connotations’ still makes me cringe. A word, used to keep women down, put them in their place, denigrate, shame. Slut. Well, no more shame. The Slutwalk is here. The Walk started in Toronto, Canada in January of 2011, because of a shocking statement…
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