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Tuesday 9 December 2014

you get proud by practising: vale, stella young

Audrey K Hulm
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Yesterday I awoke to the unexpected news that activist, writer and comedian Stella Young had passed away. I then, almost as unexpectedly, spent the morning in tears. I had never realised how much I would mourn were Stella no longer around. I never had to think about it because Stella had more love for life…
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Sunday 4 August 2013
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lip lit: destroying the joint

Veronica Sullivan
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Several F-words spring to mind to describe the writers anthologised in Destroying the Joint. Fabulous. Fiery. Funny. Feisty. Fierce. And, perhaps most importantly: Feminist. The pieces contained in this book originated as impassioned responses to Alan Jones’ awful and offensive remark in August 2012 that ‘women are destroying the joint’. Notable Australian women were asked…
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Friday 2 December 2011

big things, small package

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It was the very first Queensland Young Women’s Forum and very appropriately, a room of 50 eager and unique young women sat waiting for the guest speakers to share their words of wisdom and help to continue the passion that braced the room. As we saw her face on the big screen, editor of ABC’s…
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