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Thursday 3 September 2015
Featured Memoir

a poem a day keeps the doctor away

Bridget Conway
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    *Trigger Warning: This post contains writing which may upset those with mental health issues*  Imagine waking up in a cold, grey room all by yourself. You have a few of your clothes shoved into a shelf next to your bed and a plastic cup of water sits on the floor. There is no…
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Tuesday 14 October 2014
Featured Health

mental health state of mind

Brianna Doolan
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Yep, I’m in a mental health state of mind. Last week was National Mental Health Week. Upon learning this (mostly through the amazing coverage by the ABC during the week) my thoughts have been consumed by the complexity of this topic. Illness, stigma, disease, access, reaching out, not reaching out, lack of support; my mind…
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Thursday 8 November 2012
Featured Opinion

ending abortion stigma through the power of dance: reproductive choice australia

lip magazine
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There’s no denying that abortion is a tricky topic to talk about. Whether you’re ‘pro-life’* or ‘pro-choice’, abortion is an emotionally charged issue, and there’s a massive amount of stigma surrounding it. Have you ever thought, though, that maybe it would be easier to bring into the light if we could all just…dance about it?…
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Friday 27 July 2012

but, you don’t look sick! the stigma behind invisible illness

lip magazine

Imagine being told you looked too beautiful to be in pain. Unless you’re in a wheelchair or spluttering into a tissue, people don’t often tend to recognise any other type of pain. This can become frustrating for anyone who suffers from disorders like chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, anaemia, perthe’s disease, diabetes, depression and so on….
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