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Monday 4 March 2013
Featured Opinion

girl versus period

Emma Jones

Local supermarket, 8pm. I’m in tracksuit pants and no bra. The checkout operator smirks as he puts my items in a plastic bag. Two blocks of Caramello. Panadol. Tampons. The glint in his eye says: ‘I know about your unwelcome guest’. The answering glint in my eye says: ‘If you don’t wipe that grin off…
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Thursday 22 March 2012
Culture Featured

‘v’ who shall not be named

lip magazine
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Why is it that the imagery of the female genitalia causes such controversy? You often see stone statues depicting men in all their naked glory in a public space, so it got me thinking, what is it about the beautifully natural aspects of a woman’s body that people find so confronting? Even women themselves shy…
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Wednesday 29 February 2012

menstrual cups: the third option

Serrin Prior

I have been wanting to write this article for some time now. Then, when I noticed the recent lip article ‘healthy bytes: pads vs. tampons’, I felt the time was nigh. In that article, the author notes the importance of learning about the hows, whys and whats of pads and tampons, ‘since we all use…
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Monday 20 February 2012

healthy bytes: pads vs. tampons

Andrea Andric

How do you decide? Mostly, it comes down to a habit, a pattern or on the basis of advice from our mothers, sisters, our geographiclocation or a myriad of other things. There really isn’t any one right choice or combination but there are clear advantages and disadvantages. Since we all use them (apart from a…
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