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Wednesday 15 June 2011
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featured artist: elisapie

Christine Campbell
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On June 7, Inuk pop songstress Elisapie Issac released her album There Will Be Stars in the US. That same day, I was lucky enough to have a phone interview with her. I’ve gotta be honest – as someone who has done a fair share of interviews, I’ve never had one go as well as…
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Wednesday 4 May 2011
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album review: elisapie, there will be stars

Serrin Prior
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When I first heard about Elisapie’s There Will Be Stars, I will admit to being intrigued. This is Elisapie’s first solo album; not a newcomer to the music world, she has previously recorded as one half of the popular Canadian duo Taima (an Inuktitut word meaning “that’s all”). What’s Inuktitut, you ask? That would be…
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