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Monday 4 November 2013
News Opinion

instagram lifts ban on various #useless and #derogatory phrases

Bridget Conway

Just when you thought you were being controlled too much, thankfully there’s Instagram. Recently the folks at Instagram decided to lift a ban on a variety of phrases such as #thinspo, #fuckbitches, #curlyheadedfuck and #hungrycunt, arguing that the lift allows ‘people to express themselves [whilst] providing protections to prevent certain content that would be against…
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Thursday 10 May 2012

the dark side of tumblr

Sonya Krzywoszyja

I love Tumblr for many reasons. It has opened me up to new worlds, educated me on concepts I previously had difficulty understanding or not even thought about at all, and introduced me to many new friends. But, like every form of social media, it can have its dark side. I’m mostly in my little…
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