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Monday 26 August 2013
Featured Feminism Opinion

i’ll feed the trolls if i want to: street harassment and online abuse

Lucy Uprichard

Torrents of misogynistic abuse, both online and off, is nothing new. Anybody who dares to present as female and exist in a public space is almost certainly going to experience street harassment at some point, and the age of the internet has allowed misogyny to establish itself in a new, more anonymous format. Somewhat dubiously…
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Wednesday 20 March 2013

block early, block often: being a feminist on social media

lip magazine
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It’s tricky being a feminist on the internet, nay, it’s tricky being a woman on the internet at all. Rape threats, death threats, rape and death threats, and every insult you could imagine are an everyday experience for many women who dare to exist online. If you are new to feminism and have just started…
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Monday 10 September 2012
Featured Opinion

speaking up is hard to do: tips for surviving a verbal showdown

Shannon Clarke
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A lot goes into the decision to raise my hand and speak in lecture. Have I thought through what I want to say? How much will have I have to project to be heard (since I prefer not to sit where people can see me, or where I’ll be in the way)?  Is what I’m…
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Thursday 15 March 2012

culture valkyrie: trolling is an art, the history of the internet menace

Freya Greenwood
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Depending on which generation you are from, (Y, X, Boomer) you’ll most likely recognise a troll as one of the following: a fuzzy-headed nudist with an outie; the arch-nemesis of David the Gnome; or an arsehole under a bridge with a penchant for goat-meat. However, if you’re of the nebulous Z Generation (sometimes called the…
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Sunday 6 November 2011
Culture Featured

feminist news round-up 06.11.11

Erin Stewart
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This new column will summarise events that have happened in the last week relevant to women, feminism, and sexuality and link you to related articles. It will also offer a brief analysis on some stories. Please feel free to give us feedback! You can read last week’s round-up here. This week has a mixture of…
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