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Wednesday 27 April 2016
Column Health Opinion

kill pill: part eleven (reclaimed) – ‘o pussy where art thou’

Madeleine Ryan
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Coming off the pill and the unexpected death of my pussycat has left me wondering what it means to truly love one’s pussy. Throughout my life, caring for my vagina has been about altering its appearance, or concealing its machinations somehow. I’ve been like a Sim waiting for directions. Stories about hair, or lack of…
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Friday 19 February 2016
Celebrity Feminism

why shaming stephanie davis’s underwear is so much more than that

Yalda Keshavarzi
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As I recently watched the housemates of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother UK cruelly tear into Stephanie Davis’s discharge in her underwear, I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something. Yes, her laundry was lying around. No, that was not an excuse to publicly shame her and use her underwear as a way…
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Saturday 24 August 2013
News Opinion

‘flaps and all’: censoring Honi Soit

Ruby Grant
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  Fans of The Mighty Boosh will remember how strange it is to see a grown adult with no genitalia (Naboo, anyone?). Flat down there, like a Ken or Barbie doll. But this isn’t actually that far from the images shown in the mainstream media in Australia. This great Hungry Beast blog from 2010 points…
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Thursday 22 March 2012
Culture Featured

‘v’ who shall not be named

lip magazine
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Why is it that the imagery of the female genitalia causes such controversy? You often see stone statues depicting men in all their naked glory in a public space, so it got me thinking, what is it about the beautifully natural aspects of a woman’s body that people find so confronting? Even women themselves shy…
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