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Saturday 29 August 2015
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strong like a girl: lift weights, feel great

Annabelle Regan
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Enter into any co-ed gym and you will find the weight training section dominated by guys. They’re big, sweaty and can be very intimidating. It can be daunting walking through there, let alone picking up some weights. So, because of this, you still often find that women believe the treadmill is their place in the…
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Tuesday 27 November 2012
Culture Featured

99 tips for a better world: find some time for healing (8 of 99)

Sarah Fortuna

I started writing today’s tip curled up on a rattan chair in a gorgeous Balinese villa, surrounded by lush greenery and the clicking tails of geckos. Peace was in abundance. I, however, was unable to enjoy it. It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep. I’d made it to Ubud but was still running on Melbourne…
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Thursday 5 January 2012

why sunscreen beats spiderman

Emma Koehn
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When life gets me down, I flee to Youtube and drag up Baz Luhrmann’s musical take on Mary Schmich’s 1999 piece Sunscreen. Sure, I like electro-pop beats and I support amateur photo montage makers, but really my motives for this are more selfish. Basically, it’s just soothing to hear the opening lines of advice, which…
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