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Friday 16 January 2015

the 50 coolest books by women

Margot McGovern

I recently stumbled across Shortlist’s 50 coolest books ever. The site doesn’t explicitly define ‘cool’ but from the titles listed, I’m going to say the ‘cool’ books are those seen as smart, literary and a little bit edgy. They’re the books you tuck under your arm and read conspicuously in hipster cafes. They are books…
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Tuesday 22 July 2014
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grown-up fairy tales

Molly Westerman
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We all know ‘Once upon a time’, and we grew up with ‘happily ever after,’ even if the whole Prince Charming thing fell flat in later life. Fairy tales can be comfort food, the stuff of escapism and dress-up. What we may not be so accustomed to is fairy tales’ dark side. Their magic can…
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