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Friday 25 October 2013

a first-person account of alleged workplace bullying: ‘linfox, i just want my job back’

lip magazine

Last week, 200 workers at a Melbourne distribution centre operated by Linfox protested against an alleged culture of bullying. One ex-employee, Penny Palmer, who had worked casually at the warehouse, said she was unfairly dismissed after accusing a fellow employee of sexual harassment. In her own words: Have you ever had someone spread rumours about…
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Thursday 13 June 2013

in brief: woman wins compensation for being fired after reporting bullying

Alexandra Storey

  In September 2010, Abby Holt began working for Westpac as implementation manager.  Within weeks, she was being subjected to bullying by team leader Emily Lowson.  Holt, who weighed about 53 kilograms at the time of her employment, claims that Lowson referred to her as a ‘Breatharian,’ because she rarely ate at work.  Lowson also…
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Monday 7 January 2013
Culture Featured Opinion

career girl: how to deal with a bullying boss

Zoya J. Patel
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Work. Employment. Doing it for the money – as lame as it can sometimes be, working is inherently a big part of our lives. Australia has a massive work culture – independence and financial stability are highly valued, and labour market attachment can be a huge definer of social mobility, welfare and our culture more…
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