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Thursday 2 October 2014
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lip lit: belzhar

Raelke Grimmer
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Meg Wolitzer’s young adult novel Belzhar is the story of teenagers who have experienced traumatic events. Jam is sixteen and heart-broken. She can’t move on from the death of her boyfriend of forty-one days, English exchange student, Reeve. In an attempt to get her functioning again, her parents send her to boarding school The Wooden…
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Wednesday 7 December 2011

lip lit: andrew mcgahan, ship kings: the coming of the whirlpool

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‘It’s a fine choice you’ve given him. To crawl back to his home in defeat, or to put his life in the hands of a madman’, Mother Gale  Ship Kings: The coming of the whirlpool is the first book in a new young adult series by Andrew McGahan about Dow Amber, a regular highland’s lad,…
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