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Anna Magdalena Bach– the other musical Bach

New research shows that some of the music by celebrated composer Johann Sebastian Bach may actually have been written by his wife.

Professor Martin Jarvis from Charles Darwin University this week presented the theory at the International Symposium on Forensic Sciences in Melbourne that Bach’s Cello Suites are likely to have been written by his wife, Anna Magdalena.

He told the ABC on Saturday that history has wronged Anna Magdalena Bach by portraying her as a woman whose main role in life was to have children and copy out Bach’s compositions.

 “The scientific evidence says the way we understand the relationship between Johann Sebastian Bach and Anna Magdelena is not correct,” Professor Jarvis said.

“My conclusions may not be wholly accurate, but the way in which tradition has put Anna Magdalena into this pathetic role … is rubbish.”A  toast. To the memory of this unsung composer and talented woman– here’s to Anna Magdalena Bach, recognition is yours at last.

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