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Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone!

My name is Olivia, I’m from the U.S. and I’m really excited to start blogging for Lip Magazine!

Fashion journalism has always been something I’ve been really passionate about, and hope to persue. I think Lip’s alternative thinking is something really refreshing in a magazine industry that is usually only based on the ‘norm’ of society. (By ‘norm’ I mean size zero, skinny and obscenely tall.) I think many girls forget that the body type of most models is unrealistic. By constantly being bombarded with images of an unattainable ‘perfect body’ we are essentially promoting eating disorders, and low self-esteem in many girls. Girls need all the support they can get to truly be themselves and be creative. This is why magazines like Lip are so important!

I thought a great idea for my first post would be the self-made Russian designer Kira Plastinina:

Meet Kira Plastinina; the 16 year old Russian entrepreneur who has been thought of as “The world’s youngest fashion designer.”Kira is the sole heir to her father Sergei Plastinin; co-founder of Russia’s largest Dairy producer. Her father helped to fund and start Kira Plastinina industries.

Kira always knew from a ripe young age who she wanted to be. “When I was really little, people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. First I said a princess, then I said a fashion designer. I’m not grown up, but I’m a fashion designer!” Plastinina says. And her princess mind set is also exacted in her work. Sequined short-shorts, over sized bows, and neon pink 80’s T-shirts are just a few of her design concepts shown at her L.A. debut show last June. The Kardashians, Raven-Symone, and Audrina Patridge, all attended. Chris Brown even performed.

Called the ‘teen tycoon’ by Teen vogue, Plastinina has been generating buzz in her hometown of Moscow now for months and the United States is getting in on the craze. Kira is planning on opening many new stores this year in the east coast.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a firsthand experience by living near a Kira Plastinina boutique. Upon entering the store, you capture the essence of who Kira really is; pink and silver walls surround you, mini chandeliers sparkle over your head, the fitting rooms are decorated lavishly with trendy prints in styled fabrics, and pictures of Plastinina and her fashion forward buddies are plastered on the walls.

Kira is a great example of a role model for any young aspiring-fashion designer. Only at age 16, Kira has magaged to make a name for herself in the highly competitive fashion industry. She shows that with support, hope and a dream anything is possible!

2 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!

  1. Welcome, Olivia! Great to have you aboard.

    I love to see it when young people pursue their dreams. Sure, it’s probably a lot easier for girls like Kira Plastinina who have solid financial backing behind them, but you know what? I seriously doubt she would have gotten this far without having some serious passion and ambition. Goes to show, age is not a barrier fulfilling your dreams. There are quite a few sucessful and inspiring teenagers out there doing what they love.

    For example, Alexandra Adornetto is another amazing example of what young women can do. At age 15, she has already had two novels published and is at work on a third. Her first novel, a YA fantasy called “The Shadow Thief” was picked up by HarperCollins when she was just 13. Pretty motivating stuff.

  2. Hey Victoria!
    Thanks! Im excited to be working with you guys too..
    Wow a book published at 13? That crazy! Its amazing what can happen in this day and age!


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